International Projects

Shelterbox Australia 


One box can make all the difference. 

Each box is packed at ShelterBox headquarters in Cornwall, England. Depending on the location and disaster, the contents of the box may typically contain:

  • A disaster relief tent for a family of up to 10 people. It is custom made for ShelterBox by Vango, one of the world's leading tent manufacturers and is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, high winds and heavy rainfall. 

    Internally, each tent has privacy partitions that allow recipients to divide the space as they see fit.

  • Only new equipment is used and is carefully selected for durability, practicality and suitability for where it is needed. Tough, lightweight and waterproof, the box itself can also have many useful functions from food container to cot. Shelterbox continually works with a range of manufacturers to improve the quality and extend the range of equipment that is available.

  • A range of equipment is kept in stock. This lets the contents of the box be adjusted according to local conditions and what is most urgently needed. Sometimes, if other resources are available locally and the overwhelming need is for shelter, just tents are sent with two tents in each box.

  • Each box costs an average of $1,000 including all materials, packing, storage and distribution to individual recipients worldwide.

Donations and enquiries: 1300 996 038



Helmets for Kids


This program in Thailand includes:

  • donating high quality helmets to students and teachers
  • training teachers and students how to wear a helmet correctly plus general road safety
  • engaging schools and the community and increasing public awareness of child helmet use in project sites through kick-off helmet donation ceremonies;
  • integrating parents through workshops and letters of commitment
  • sustaining students’ enthusiasm and helmet use with extracurricular activities
  • conducting pre- and post-behavior observations and knowledge assessments.

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