Local Projects


Local Projects

King Edward Memorial Hospital Garden 


Over 20 years ago, Matilda Bay Rotary established a memorial garden on the hospital grounds where the ashes of stillborn babies can be interred. The garden was upgraded in 2005 at a cost of $70,000 with the support of a LotteryWest Grant. Members regularly maintain the garden so families can return to an attractive and tranquil setting. 

The King Edward Memorial Rose Garden is located on the corner of Barker Road and Railway Road Subiaco.

The garden project began in early 1992 when John Tidman of Purslowe Funerals, a member of the Rotary Club of South Perth, became aware of the need for a memorial garden.

The Rotary Club of Matilda Bay was approached and accepted the challenge with monetary assistance of a grant from Lotterywest, and Rotarians physically undertook the construction of the original garden.

The rose garden was officially opened by the Premier in 1993 and has been maintained by members of the Rotary Club of Matilda Bay, and ground staff from King Edward Memorial Hospital for the past 20 years.

Several years ago Chaplain Reverend Robert Anderson expressed a desire to construct a garden shelter to conduct services in inclement weather, and include a storage space for equipment used during those services.

The Rotary Club of Matilda Bay offered assistance and commenced planning for the construction of a shelter and garden renovations. Funds were raised by the Club, KEMH and a grant was received from Lotterywest.

Rotarians assisted with the demolition of the existing structures, carefully relocating existing soil containing the ashes to the new garden beds and have selected and planted new roses, and installed a new fully automatic drip irrigation system.

The Rotary Club of Matilda Bay continues its ongoing commitment of regular maintenance working bees held on a Saturday morning every few months, and continues to fundraise to to upgrade the garden.

The King Edward Memorial Hospital Rose Garden was rededicated by the Hon Kim Hames, Minister for Health in November 2009 and a new memorial plaque was unveiled.


Rotary Cord Blood Bank 

Matilda Bay Rotary was a major donor towards the Rotary Cord Blood Bank. This facility in Wellington Street, Perth is managed by the Red Cross Blood Service and provides free ethical and lifesaving therapies for children and adults with malignancies and other diseases of the blood and immune systems. 


Australian Rotary Health  


Mental Health Week - Hat Day

National Hat Day, in October, during Mental Health Week, is about donating funds for innovative mental health research into anxiety, depression, schizophrenia and other mental health disorders. Club members are fined with or without a hat, with fund raising dedicated to awareness of mental health. 


Australia Day Parking - Skyworks


Rotary Club of Matilda Bay Reserved Skyworks Parking
Skyworks parking is a major fund raising activity each year for Matilda Bay Rotary. Club members are on duty from 8.00 am until 8.00 pm on 26 January. Prepaid, reserved parking may be available near Havelock Street, West Perth. Check out the website for details. 
Fireworks start at 8.00 pm and usually run for half an hour. It involves fireworks launched from bridges, barges and buildings in the CBD.


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