Board 2019-2020 Committee

Committee Description:

Matilda Bay Rotary Board meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month, 5.30 pm. It is responsible for:

  • Strategic Plan - Towards 2022

         The Strategic Plan - Towards 2018 which was developed in March 2013 was reviewed in 2017 and a revised version presented to club members. The Strategic Plan - Towards 2022 is the result of consultation, communication and input from members. 

  • Finances

         Matilda Bay is in a strong financial position


Full Committee Description:

Strategic Plan - Towards 2022


To provide service to others, promote integrity and advance world understanding, goodwill and peace through our fellowship of business, professional and community leaders. 


By the year 2022 the Rotary Club of Matilda Bay will be recognised as a strong, inclusive and sustainable organisation which is well known for its local and international service and club fellowship. 

Guiding principles

  • helping others - service above self
  • inclusiveness - diverse membership with gender balance and range of ages
  • commitment - members participate and fulfil service obligations
  • fellowship and friendship - underpins activities and seen as important
  • major projects should only run for two years and then be self-sustainable


2022 Strategic Goals

Community Youth & International
Fundraising  Club development  Relationships & Image

Encourage a minimum of 20 hours hands-on community service per member. 


One team of RCMB members undertake an overseas project

raise min of $100K pa via sustainable projects

(CFC, B)

promote growth and diversity of membership build on strong connections with Rotaract and UWA - speakers, UCFK, members (all)

Undertake a significant local project (CSC or YC)

partner with 2 international clubs for projects 

 encourage benevolent and/or Corporate donors

provide induction and mentoring (MC & B)

continue improvement of RCMB website / system as a marketing tool & support system (AC)

Increased involvement with Dianella SC (YC)

participate in Rotary Youth Exchange annually (YC)

 use TRF and District Grants well (B) arrange well attended social events (AC) provide regular updates to Media to improve knowledge and image of the club

Sponsor an Aboriginal student (all areas)

provide at least three shelter boxes per annum (IC)

   implement succession planning and leadership development   
      promote Club Scholarship program (MC)  
      investigate new generations Satellite club (B)  
      promote vocational & local businesses interaction (VC)  




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